Dameeko Love Knight

Born March 6, 1984 in the Hall of Fame city Canton, Ohio. She is a rising American singer/songwriter. She began her music journey in church where her grandfather held position as a deacon and organist for the church choir. It is because of this background she fell in love with music and singing. During her childhood she participated in school choirs and partook in several talent shows to showcase her gift of song. She became well known by her peers from singing.



After high school she entered a local contest that was replica of American idol.  Winning this competition she started a new direction with her music.  She began writing and recording music with a group known as DILLIGAF records. They placed her in hip hop shows in the surrounding areas Akron, Youngstown, Toledo and Cleveland. She began to develop and really tap into her talent. She organized and taught routines to a dance group, began including them into her performances, and started going by the nickname “Lovely”.

Dameeko has opened for Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, Jibbs, Gucci, Jeanne Ortgeo, Brainz Davis, Twista, Dwelle, and the most recent Budweiser Competition she won allowed her to win 5K and open for Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton’s Tour in Cleveland, Ohio.

Outside of her recent accomplishments with music, her influences include Beyonce, Karen Clark Sheard, Jill Scott, and Aaliyah. She considers herself an pop/r&b artist, however she enjoys music of all genre’s.  Her goal is to use her god-given talent and allow it to make room in her life any way God sees fit.